2019-04-03 — A Seamless Garment

Midweek Lent:
Date: April 3, 2019

Theme: A Seamless Garment

– John 19:23-24

– ( Pastor David Schierenbeck )

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TLH 371 : Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness Hymnary.org link
TLH 595 : Tender Shepherd, Thou Hast Stilled Hymnary.org link

Theme: A Seamless Garment

John 19:23–24 (Listen)

23 When the soldiers had crucified Jesus, they took his garments and divided them into four parts, one part for each soldier; also his tunic.24 so they said to one another, “Let us not tear it, but cast lots for it to see whose it shall be.” This was to fulfill the Scripture which says,

  “They divided my garments among them,
    and for my clothing they cast lots.”

So the soldiers did these things,


[1] 19:23 Greek chiton, a long garment worn under the cloak next to the skin