Public worship at Grace Lutheran Church is temporarily suspended in response to Gov. Walz executive order through April 5.  This will be reviewed as events indicate.

We will be pulling together a “Sunday Morning Online Package” of spiritually edifying materials for you and your families. The plan is to share this by email on Saturday evening with a link to Grace’s website, The hope is to include:

  • A Sunday morning worship service from the archives
  • A brief family devotion recorded by Pastor
  • A brief children’s devotion recorded by Pastor
  • Materials for a Sunday School lesson
  • A Bible Class from the archives

As a reminder from what has been previously announced, the following church events are postponed as well:

  • Bible Class and Sunday School
  • Midweek Lenten worship services
  • Lord’s Supper during public worship services
  • Hospitality
  • Soup suppers
  • Easter breakfast
  • Choir



Grades K-8

Contact Principal Janelle Hein ( or 763-784-8784)

2014 Spring Lake Park Tower Days Parade Now Enrolling in Grace Lutheran School


Grace Lutheran Church and School are dedicated to the proclamation of the Good News of Christ crucified for sinners, with God’s inerrant Word as its only authority. Please come and let us share this precious message with you!
Our chief aim is to teach the Gospel, the Good News that Jesus Christ, God’s Son, is the only Savior. We cannot save ourselves by anything we do or say. As the Bible teaches, Jesus saved  sinners by His life, His death, and His resurrection. God brings people to faith in Jesus Christ through the preaching of the gospel and the use of Baptism. Therefore as a Christian congregation we are to be faithful in our teaching,  preaching and the use of the sacraments. God’s Word abides forever. His Gospel remains the same. Therefore all teachings presented in the church are to remain the same from one generation to another. May the Lord keep us faithful in teaching His Word!