Ministry -- Organ Audio

1. Send, O Lord, Thy Holy Spirit
On Thy servant now, we pray;
Let him prove a faithful shepherd
To Thy little lambs alway.
Thy pure teaching to proclaim,
To extol Thy holy name,
And to feed Thy lambs, dear Savior,
Make his aim and sole endeavor.

2. Thou, O Lord, Thyself hast called him
For Thy precious lambs to care;
But to prosper in his calling,
He the Spirit's gifts must share.
Grant him wisdom from above,
Fill his heart with holy love;
In all weakness be Thou near him,
In his prayers, Good Shepherd, hear him.

3. Help, Lord Jesus, help him nourish
Our dear children with Thy Word
That in constant love they serve Thee
Till in heav'n their song is heard.
Boundless blessings, Lord, bestow
On his faithful toil below
Till by grace to him is given
His reward, the crown of heaven.

Notes from _The Lutheran Hymnal_
Hymn #491 from _The Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal_
Text: Acts 11:24
Titled: "Segne, Herr, mit deinem Geiste"
Author: unknown, 19th century
Translated by: Frederick W. Herzberger, 1930, alt.
Composer: Johann Schop, 1642
Tune: "Werde Munter"