Communion of Saints -- Organ Audio

1. Zion, rise, Zion, rise,
Zion, wake, arise, and shine!
Let thy lamp be brightly burning,
Never let thy love decline,
Forward still with hopeful yearning,
Zion, yonder waits the heav'nly prize;
Zion, rise! Zion, rize!

2. Bear the cross, bear the cross.
Zion, till thy latest breath
Bear the cross of scorn and jeering
And be faithful unto death;
See the crown of life appearing.
Zion, count all other things as loss.
Bear the cross! Bear the cross!

3. Watch and pray, watch and pray!
Zion, ever watch and pray
Lest the wicked world misguide thee
From the narrow path to stray
And thy God reprove and chide thee.
Zion, work with zeal while it is day.
Watch and pray, watch and pray!

4. Run thy race, run thy race,
Zion, swiftly run thy race!
Let no languor ever find thee
Idle in the market-place.
Look not to the things behind thee.
Zion, daily strengthened by His grace,
Run thy race, run thy race!