Trinity -- Organ Audio

1. In one true God we all believe
And to His name all glory give.
Creator of all things is He
In the heaven, the earth, the sea.

2. We all believe in God's own Son,
Our Lord, the Sole-begotten One;
And by the Holy Ghost the same
Of a virgin man became.

3. By Pontius Pilate crucified,
He suffered on the Tree and died;
To show of Satan's reign the end,
He did into hell descend.

4. The same Lord Christ of Nazareth
Who for all sinners tasted death
The third day after He had died
Rose with body glorified.

5. In full accord with God's own Word
This holy body of our Lord,
Although in death's grim grasp it be,
Never would corruption see.

6. He then ascended into heaven,
Where endless power to Him was given;
And there for us in all our needs
Graciously He intercedes.

7. From thence He'll come, as once He said,
To judge the living and the dead.
O righteous Judge, our Savior, come,
Take us to our heavenly home!

8. We all confess the Holy Ghost,
Who guides the Church, a chosen host,
And binds the saints in purest love
Here on earth and there above.

9. And to this truth we also cleave,
That we forgiveness do receive,
True peace and joy and comfort sweet,
Daily from the Paraclete.

10. From death our bodies shall arise
To endless life beyond the skies;
By grace through Jesus we shall rest
There in heaven, forever blest.


Hymn #253 from _The Lutheran Hymnal_
Text: The Apostles' Creed
Author: Juraj Tranovsky, 1637
Translated by: composite
Titled: "Verime v vsemohouciho"
Tune: "Resurgenti Nazareno"
Bohemian melody, 1505