Trinity -- Organ Audio

1. All glory be to God alone,
For evermore the Highest One.
He is our sinful race's friend;
His grace and peace to us extend.
May humankind see his good will,
May hearts with deep thanksgiving fill.

2. We praise you, God; your name we bless
And worship you in humbleness;
From day to day we glorify
Our everlasting God on high.
Your splendor's glorious light we sing,
And to your throne our thanks we bring.

3. Lord God, Our King on heaven's throne,
Our Father, the Almighty One.
O Lord, the Sole begotten One,
Lord Jesus Christ, the Father's Son,
True God from all eternity,
O Lamb of God, to you we flee.

4. You take the whole world's sin away;
Have mercy on us, Lord, we pray.
You take the whole world's sin away;
Oh, listen to the prayer we say.
From God's right hand, oh, send today
Your mercy on us, Lord, we pray.

5. You are the only Holy One,
The Lord of all things, you alone.
O Jesus Christ, We glorify
You and the Spirit, Lord Most High;
With him you evermore will be
One in the Father's majesty.

6. This truth divine, this mystery
The angles sing adoringly.
By all creation, far and wide,
You, Lord, are ever glorified;
For all your people sing your praise
Now and through everlasting days.


Hymn # 210 from Lutheran Worship
Author: Kirchengesangbuch
Tune: All Her Und Lob
1st Published in 1541