New Year -- Organ Audio

1. The ancient Law departs,
And all its fears remove,
For Jesus makes with faithful hearts
A covenant of love.

2. The Light of Light Divine,
True brightness undefiled,
He bears for us the pain of sin
A holy, spotless Child.

3. His infant body now
Begins the cross to feel:
Those precious drops of blood that flow
For death the Victim seal.

4. Today the name is Thine
At which we bend the knee.
They call Thee Jesus, Child Divine;
Our Jesus deign to be.

5. All praise, eternal Son,
For Thy redeeming love,
With Father, Spirit, ever One
In glorious might above. Amen.


Hymn #117 from _The Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal_
Text: Luke 2:21
Author: Sebastian Besnault, 1736
Translated by: composite, 1861, alt.
Titled: "Debilis cessant elementa legis"
Composer: Johann S. Bach, 1750, ad.
Tune: "Potsdam"
1st Published in: _Church Psalter_, 1854